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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to Fulton County!

WELCOME newcomers and visitors to Fulton County, KY.  We are happy you have decided to move or visit our community.  We want to make living in Fulton County pleasant and productive for you and your family.  This part of our website is especially for you and is designed to provide you with information about our community so you can learn to navigate living in Fulton County.  

Fulton County has two incorporated cities, Fulton and Hickman.  Roughly, 1/3 of Fulton County residents live in the rural portion of the county and 1/3 live in each of the two cities.

​Fulton County was established in 1845 and is located in the Jackson Purchase region of the state.  This region of the state was named after General Andrew Jackson.  The Jackson Purchase Region is made up of Fulton, Hickman, Calloway, Graves, McCracken, Marshall, Ballard, and Carlisle counties.

Being the westernmost county in Kentucky, Fulton County is located on the Mississippi River.

Fulton County derived its name from Robert Fulton, the inventor of the first commercial steamboat.

Due to the imprecise early surveying of Kentucky's southern border, Fulton County is divided into two non-contiguous parts.  A portion of Fulton County called Madrid Bend is only accessible by traveling through Tennessee.

The elevation in the county ranges from 260 feet, the lowest in the state, to 500 feet above sea level. In 2000 the county population was 7,752 in a land area of 208.95 square miles, an average of 37.1 people per square mile. The county has two main populated areas.  Hickman, the county seat, and Fulton.  ​​​​​​

Fulton County Local Government

2216 Myron Cory Dr. Suite 1
Hickman, KY 42050
(270) 236-2594 - Office
(270) 236-7904 - Fax
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