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Property Valuation Administrator

​​General Information

Kentucky has had a tax on property since June 1, 1792, the date the Commonwealth of Kentucky was created.  Since that time, the constitution of Kentucky has provided each county with an elected official called the Property Valuation Administrator or PVA.  That elected official is charged with the responsibilities of maintaining the county maps and tax rolls through the assessments of all real and personal properties that lie within Fulton County.  The Fulton County office is made up of a staff of 3.5 people including the PVA, a chief deputy which falls under the PVA and can make decisions in his/her absence, a deputy in charge of tangibles and a part-time deputy that helps with customers and phone requests for tax roll information.

The Fulton County PVA office does not set property tax rates, nor do they collect property taxes.  The Kentucky Constitution requires equality and uniformity through fair cash value assessments.  Fair Cash Value is defined as the price that a piece of property will bring in a fair voluntary sale between a willing seller and a willing buyer.

All property in Fulton County, unless specifically exempt by the constitution, is taxable.  Current examples of exemptions are Homestead Exemption for age 65 and older, Disability Exemption for 100% disabled individuals, some religious, educational and governmental properties.  If you think that you might qualify for an exemption, you are encouraged to contact the Fulton County PVA office for more information.

All Fulton County property owners are encouraged to report changes in their property, either through additions or deletions, to the PVA in January of each year.  The condition and ownership of property on January 1 each year is used in developing the tax roll each year.

Pete Morgan, Administrator

2216 Myron Cory Drive,  Suite 2
Hickman, Kentucky 42050

(270) 236-2548 - Office
(270) 236-2598 – Fax



Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday
8:00 – 4:00

Fulton County Local Government

2216 Myron Cory Dr. Suite 1
Hickman, KY 42050
(270) 236-2594 - Office
(270) 236-7904 - Fax
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