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Chambers and Tourism

​​Since Fulton County is divided into two major cities, Hickman and Fulton, there are also two Chambers and Tourism Committees.  Each of these can be contacted through the City Hall in each City. 

Hickman City Hall

1812 7th Street

Hickman, KY 42050

(270) 236-2535

Fulton City Hall

101 Nelson Tripp Place

Fulton, KY 42041​

(270) 472-1320

Hickman-Dorena Ferry​

​​​The Dorena–Hickman Ferry is a ferry that crosses the Mississippi River between Dorena, Missouri and Hickman, Kentucky.  This boat takes vehicular traffic across the river seven days a week during daylight hours.
It provides the only direct road connection between Missouri and Kentucky; however, they are indirectly connected at Cairo, Illinois via U.S. 60 & U.S. 62 over the Cairo Mississippi River Bridge and the Cairo Ohio River Bridge.  ​​

Fulton County Local Government

2216 Myron Cory Dr. Suite 1
Hickman, KY 42050
(270) 236-2594 - Office
(270) 236-7904 - Fax
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