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Public Services

Here you will find links and information about local services in our county. 

WKRCA Broadband Test

Good morning Fulton County Residents,

We need your help in moving Fulton County forward in developing BROADBAND county wide.

The Delta Regional Authority is seeking input from residents in our county by taking an internet speed test to develop an accurate representation availability across the 252 counties in the DRA region.  Our area lacks adequate digital infrastructure to support access to critical services such as healthcare, distance learning, business development and remote work.

In response to these challenges, DRA has launched the Delta Broadband Mapping Project.  Through an innovative online crowd-sourcing platform, DRA has launched this year-long effort to gauge broadband accessibility throughout its eight-state region.  You can take the test by going to this website.

Broadband and 5G Expansion is a top priority of the WKRCA.  We support legislation that would put Kentucky on an even footing with our surrounding states by implementing broadband deployment incentives for wired and wireless networks across the Commonwealth, including both rural and urban areas, and opposes policies at the state and federal levels that would impede or hamper investment in digital infrastructure, including small cell/5G networks.  Expansion of cellular coverage and broadband into rural parts of the state is vital to their economic health and connectivity.

Please take a few minutes to take the test.

As a reminder, our next Board meeting dates are July 16, September 17 and November 12.  These meetings should be held in person with location to be determined.  Please be sure these dates are on your calendar.

Thank you!


The Transportation Cabinet will launch its Popup Driver Licensing Program statewide in January 2022.  The KYTC initiative uses portable technology to bring citizens the same driver licensing services offered at the regional offices.

Fulton County will receive two visits annually beginning January 22, 2022.  The visits will be spreaded in our county over the entire year to reach the most citizens that are within the greatest renewal eligibility.  Many citizens may not need the in-person services at the regional office or even a popup event.  The on-line renewal program is available and launching October 1st and the mail in program may also be used by any citizen.

The website Drive.k​​ is a vaulable resource for these programs.  Below you will see how well this new popup station availability went at the Kentucky State Fair.

KYTC Popup Drivers Licensing Program20210927_11394278.pdf